How much should you be earning straight out of university?

If you live in Pakistan the figure should be close to 40,000 rupees. Sadly, no one will pay you that much just out of university and when you are "ill-experienced". Therefore you will need to have a plan from the start of your university education.

These 5 Tips Can Help You Save Money Shopping Online in Pakistan

A few days ago I was looking for a low cost smartphone. The smartphone was available at Daraz, Kaymu but I was not able to distinguish if the mobile phone available on those websites was in lowest price.

How to get a passport made in Karachi?

Getting a passport in Karachi is pretty easy if you know your way through it and have the required documents.
I will tell as per my experience at Sharae Faisal or Awami Markaz passport office, as it is said, in karachi.
Documents required:
- Marksheet (matric, inter or bachelors - whatever is available)
- NIC (real and a copy)
- Father & Mother's NIC copies

20mins (max) if no rush.

Getting a bank challan:
1. First go to Awami markaz and on second floor you will have to pay 3000 or 5000 rupees depending on the type of passport you are in need of.
2. Now you will need to get the token by showing them your real documents.
3. They will take you picture and you will have to wait for data entry.
4. After data entry a fingerprint scan will be required
5. After scan, the AD (17 grade or above) officer will ask you a few questions. Answer him politely.
6. Now he will stamp the papers and your token.
That is it

The passport can be collected after 14 days from Saddar office.

You will receive a message when the passport is ready.

Also, you can hire an agent for bank challan, but i would not ask you that as he will charge 200 rupees and you can do it yourself.

Also, TCS service of 300 rupees is available for those who want the passport to arrive at home.

Which degree is more valuable in Pakistan? BSCS, BBA, BE?

Before taking about which degree is more valuable in Pakistan? BSCS, BBA, BE? I want to through some lighton background of fields and professions in Pakistan.

There were times when people either want to become doctor or engineer. There were no other fields which were valued as much these two fields With the passage of time more and more fields and professions came in to  being. Many fields have been evolved like BSCS, BBA and BE. These fields are not less in value and importance as compare to doctor and engineering fields.Now people ask which degree is more valuable in Pakistan. BSCS, BBA, BE?

Well, all these fields have their own importance and value in their own place.However, scope of BSCS has increased. It is because everything is now being digitalized and automated. Manual and paper based tasked are being accomplished with computer. There are more scope and job opportunities in BSCS.In addition BSCS pays high salaries.Similarly BBA has its own scope and Value. 

It pays enough salary. Moreover, BBA being business oriented attracts more youth. Therefore, many universities intake a lot of students every semester.BE is also valued in Pakistan as well.

List of Universities best for BSCS, BBA.

Universities offering BSCS in Pakistan:
  • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad
  • FAST University (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences), Islamabad
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences, (LUMS)
  • National University Of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad
  • Universities offering BBA in Pakistan
  • Institute of business Administration.
  • Lahore University of management sciences
  • Lahore Business School
  • Institute of business and technology Karachi

Hope that helped about which degree is more valuable in Pakistan? BSCS, BBA, BE?

.You should access which degree is best for you.It depends upon what degree suits your skills.

What to do if you get low percentage in Intermediate?

It has happened many times I came across people who asked me what to do if you get low percentage in Intermediate?According to my point of view even if you get low percentage in intermediate, you still can have a bright future. 

All you need to do is to have a clear idea in your mind what you want to become and be wise in making decision and choosing a field for studies .Then apply inuniversities that have low merit. Firstly see what your interests are and what your skills are. I always advise people that go for the field that you find appealing and interesting to work in. Moreover, figure out and compare scope, earning and future of different fields. 

At the end of the day earning matters a lot no matter what field you opt.Do not get in to the field you are not interested in and the field where you cannot earn much.But before taking any decision about what to do if you get low percentage in Intermediate? 

Seek advice from your parents or elders.Your will give you better advise as they are your parents and they knowyour skills and abilities. If you get low percentage in intermediate you can choose computer science, media studies and business studies.

There are many universities in Pakistan which have low merit.
Here is the list of universities in Pakistan which has low merit
  • ·         University of Management and technology Lahore
  • ·         University of central Punjab Lahore
  • ·         Muhammad Ali Jinnah University.
  • ·         Imperial College of Business studies Lahore
  • ·         Riphah International University
  • ·         Wah Engineering college  taxila
  • ·         HITEC University
  • ·         HamdardUniversity Islamabad

That was all about What to do if you get low percentage in Intermediate? Hope you find this useful.

What Should I choose? BBA, BSCS or BS Media Studies?

It is a very critical situation to decide What Should I choose? BBA, BSCS or BS Media Studies?If for some person one field is best then for some other person it may not be good. Therefore choice of field is important.Well it is really a matter of interest and abilities. 

My point of view is that you should choose from these fields the one you are interested in and will enjoy working in that field. You must also consider the fact that what are your abilities and capabilities. BSCS demands too much hard work and its tough as compare to BBA and BS media Science. However, if you choose BSCS, it has high earnings. 

You have many ways to earn. You can choose to work from home at work at your comfort zone. You can do freelancing in this way you can work and earn according to your own will. BSCS has high pay rates. BSCS requires technical skills. If you are not a technical person then BSCS is not good for you. If you have business oriented mind and you are good in and interested in accounting related things then you should choose BBA. 

However, If are into TV and media related things then you should choose BS media studies. All these fields have their own good and bad things.when it come in your mind that What Should I choose? BBA, BSCS or BS Media Studies?then you have to look for and compare in these three fields i.e. BSCS, BBA and BS media science is to see interest, earning and abilities. Taking into account these factors you can choose one of the three fields.

Hope that answered the question What Should I choose? BBA, BSCS or BS Media Studies?

Why you should start job in second year of University?

It is a most commonly asked question that Why you should start job in second year of University?Let me answer this question and explain you the reasons in support of the answer to Why you should start job in second year of University?

If you get a job in second year of the university then you will get experience. If you are doing a 4 years degree then if you get job in second year you will have an experience of 3 years by the end of your degree. No matter if you get a paid job or an unpaid internship doing job in second year is important. Not only you get the experience but you can get your skills and abilities polished and learn a lot. 

By doing job you also get to know what things you are good at and what things you are not. What things you find appealing and what things you do not like doing. In this ways you will know your position and you will have an idea of what you lack and will manage to compensate for the lacking skill by utilizing the when your degree is in progress. 

You have to figure out what specific area you will be working in.For instance if you want to become android developer then you should do a course of android development or php development then get a job. Once your degree is completed you are a fresh graduate but you additionally have a 3 years oexperience. You are more likely to get a job earlier and at high pay rate as compare to a person who did not do any job during his degree.

I hope this articles answered the question Why you should start job in second year of University?