Simple Secrets of Free App store optimization And App Installs

Want to know the secrets of increasing app installs and reviews? This article sheds light on how to increase app installs and downloads but also to do that in a white-hat way. We only focus on white-hat techniques and this article is going to tell you how that is done. Whether your app is targeted towards audience in Japan, China or in any other country, you can get more downloads for them.

Below is a list of ways to improve your mobile app rankings, get more reviews and increase downloads for them.

21 IOS app store optimization tips to improve Your App’s Rank

There are more than 2 million apps on Apple App Store. Thousands of these are battling each other for a single keyword. So with this much competition, why will someone want to download your app?

Mobile Marketing: How to get an app featured on Google Play Store?

Want to get your app featured on Google Play Store? You will need plenty of downloads, installs and a good-level of retention rate. Find out below how to achieve it.

Difference between Publishing & Featuring
When you upload an app on Google play store and hit publish button that is called ‘publishing’ an app. The publishing of an app on Google Play is not same as featuring it on the play store. A featured app on Play store is the one that is being shown on the first page of Google in that category.
For example: Apps available in the ‘Top Charts’ section are featured apps. Google automatically selects different apps based on their number of downloads.

What to do if your Google Play Developer Console Payment is Rejected?

You see a message "The payment for the registration fee has failed" after waiting two whole days for your Google Play Developer Console account and you now have no idea as to what you should do.

You might have come across this error while paying for your google console app account through the credit card.

App Store Optimization: What tools are used for finding Keywords for apps?

Still having problem about how to rank your apps higher on the app store? Get more installs for your apps and increase the retention rate? You are at the right place...

Google Play Account Termination: What Prior Violations mean?

So, your google account was terminated due to prior violations. What can be the problem for that? And what does 'prior' violations actually means?
My google play account was terminated for the same reason so I dug it a little and this is what I found.

Mobile marketing Tips: Can Backlinks help with App store optimization?

A simple answer is No.

Yellowheadinc tested the backlinking strategy in greater detail on their blog and I too tested it on my apps but we both did not see any significant change. Let’s first discuss the backlinking strategy of Yellowheadinc.

Top App store optimization Books on Amazon for Mobile Marketing

Though there are ample resources available online on app store optimization (ASO), but I know there are a handful of people who still love books. This app ranking post is for you guys.
We have compiled a list of top five app traffic optimization books from amazon. Some of these books have great reviews and they are pretty detailed in helping developers rank their apps well on the Google play store and Apple App Store.