App Store Optimization: How to choose keywords for an Android App?

A friend of mine has around 20 apps on his google play store but he is not earning enough money that can keep him motivated to make more apps.

He showed me his account. The only problem he had was that he was not having right keywords in his app. He was already targeting keywords that had a lot of competition.

Coming back to the topic, how to find the less competitive keywords for your android app?
While starting making android apps you need to first figure out what name you will use. For example, if you make an app on photo manipulation you can go for ‘photonix’ name but you need to add a target keyword inside the title that can help people search this app.

For example: Photonix – Free Face Photo Editor.

How to find long tail keywords for android and IOS apps?
After you have decided the first keyword, start searching for more keywords.
I will use three tools for this purpose.

Test Keyword: Face Photo Editor

Google Trends for Keywords

First go to google trends and search for the query. Now scroll down below to related queries and select the relevant queries. For example with Face Photo Editor we have 
Online Photo editor
Photo Editor Free
Face Editing Photo Editor

So our keyword should be "Free Online Face Photo Editor Download"
Of course this is a pretty big keyword but it will help you rank better on this keyword alone. And if you are able to sustain your place on this keyword you will move up the places pretty soon.

Google Play Console for Suggested Keywords
Now go to google and search the keyword. You will find suggested applications and keywords for that long tail keyword.
This is a gold mine for anyone who understands.
Now,  we have more keywords. 
The keywords are:
face photo editor for boys
face photo editor for girls
beauty face photo editor

How to use these keywords in android apps?
This is the method of finding keywords for an android app. There are many more tools and people use them. All strategies work and that is the beauty of app store optimization. 

You have to keep testing in order to get the best ones. 

I myself am not perfect in finding keywords and most of my apps do not reach the desired amount of downloads. So, I just optimize them using another keyword. That's how it works.
Keep trying and you will succeed.

Now that you have the keywords for the android app use them in content, description and and images.

Why I use long tail keywords for android apps?
The more competition a keyword has the harder it will be to rank on. That's why I always use long tail keywords because they allow me to rank at many places at once. Secondly, I sustain my original position for a long period because no one else has optimized for that keyword like I have.

Hope this app store optimization guide will help you rank better on play store.
Let me know if you want any changes in the content. If you have any tips for app store optimization please comment  below or email me so others can know it as well.

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