How to start your own content writing business - Small Business ideas

As I said in my previous article, the future of the world is Entrepreneurship. And every one can become an entrepreneur today but he will have to use his brain.
There are a variety of businesses that can be started through the internet. These small business ideas not only provide people with a little profit but they, if involve themselves to the fullest in their business, can earn a lot from it.
Today I am going to tell about one such idea. This idea is related to content writing.

Who can start a content writing business?

Everyone can start this business however a little knowledge of the English language is required. This means that the person should know a little about the grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. But these are some of the basic things. And as everyone learns in the practical field people can learn these things while they go on with the business.

What degree should you get to start a content writing business?

Preferably a degree in the Arts is required. But those who get degree in medical can earn a lot of money by writing technically.
1. English Literature/language
2. Psychology
3. Economics
4. Journalism or Mass Communication
5. Philosophy
Or any other arts degree that involves lots and lots of writing.

Is a degree necessary for Content Writing business?

No, many people worry that they need to have a degree to start a small business online. But that is just a hoax. Anyone can start a business online without a degree. And in Asian countries most of the people who are making a living by these small business ideas do not have a single degree.

How to start a content writing business?

To start a content writing business one must have knowledge of the following things.
1. Article writing
2. Press release writing
3. News story writing
4. Blog posting
5. Business Letter writing
6. Web copy writing
7. Documentation making
8. Story writing
9. Technical writing (for scientific documentations and tutorials)
10. Report writing in MLA and APA style

It's not necessary that a small business starter should learn all these writing styles. But he should know a minimum of three styles.
Like Press Release, Article writing & Blog posting.

Where to start a content writing business?

The person who wants to start an online business needs:
1. Computer operating knowledge (using the internet and MS OFFICE)
2. Should have a bank account that is linked with Money Bookers or PayPal.

These things are needed because he will start his small content writing business through a freelancing website.

What is a freelancing website?

A freelancing website is a marketplace where job seekers meet job providers. 

What is the process of Freelancing?

The process is very simple. People usually post the jobs they want done. The amount is between two different figures like 50$ to 100$.
A bidder (the person who wants that job) will post his bidding proposal with a minimum price like 55$. 
If the job provider approves his bid he will get the proposal.
Now, after the job is completed, the amount will be screwed to the bidder. This amount comes in his Paypal account. And then he can get that amount to his bank account if both the accounts are linked.

What are some popular websites for freelancing?

Some popular websites for freelancing are:

Usually these websites offer a maximum of 10 connects or bidding proposals posting limit. After that the bidder will have to buy connects by his paypal account.
So, an advice to my fellow readers is that if they have a friend who is using these freelancing websites than he should ask them to transfer some connects to his account so that he can start the small content writing business.
Because, in the beginning small business starters will face difficulty in getting jobs and some connects will get wasted. But with time they will start to get jobs if they are determined and hard working.

Good luck to all new business starters out there.
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