How To Install Wordpress Manually in 000webhost?

Today I am going to answer a problem that I myself faced while setting up my first website.
As we all know wordpress is a Content Management System that helps people like me to post on websites easily, who are not into technical stuff, to set up their own website.
This post will tell people how they can set up their own websites for free through

What is 000webhost?

000webhost is a web hosting service that allows users to either get their free web hosting service for their own accounts, or they can apply for premium service via
I will tell you how you can set up wordpress in 000webhost manually. 

Download Wordpress to PC:

First of all you will need to download the latest version of wordpress on your own computer. As you will need to do a few stuff with the wordpress configuration settings that you are going to upload on the web host.

Make a Mysql database in 000webhost:

Now, as you have downloaded the wordpress version on your computer. It is time for you to make a database on MYSQL through the Cpanel. Save the user name, password, and other credentials in a notepad file on your computer as you will be needing that later.

Changing Wp-config-sample:

Now you have to change Wp-config-sample.php to wp-config files. Open these files and look for
/** MySQL hostname  */
/** MySQL databasepassword  */
/** MySQL username  */
/** The name of the database for WordPress */

Change these with the MYSQL information you saved previously in your notepad file.

Make a RAR file of Wordpress folder

Now make a RAR or ZIP file of the whole wordpress folder and upload it to the Cpanel of your website.
That will be all
Hope it helped you create a website on Wordpress.

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