Please insert Disk AdobeMasterCollection5-trial-English to continue - Solution

When we tried to install adobe cs5... most of us must have witnessed this error: 
(Please insert Disk AdobeMasterCollection5-trial-English to continue)

Solution is very simple. Just copy the file to your computer and install it from there.

  • First of all if you are using ISO image then, mount the image to any ISO disk

  • Now copy the adobe cs5 folder to your hard drive (C: most preferably)

  • Now open it from C:
  • It will install itself 

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  1. I still get the error. I transferred it to my C drive yet there is no progress. I still get the Insert disk...

    1. Did you open the setup from C: drive?
      Remember, you have to open it from C: drive but at the same time Image file should be mounted.

  2. i had copied my adobe file to c: drive ..........even through its gettin an error


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