How to write a news story? (Inverted Pyramid Style)

First of all to write a news story, you should know what news is. A news basically means north south east & west. But in reality it means
1. Information,
2. Coherent & fresh,
3. Positive or Negative,
4. Geographical.
Reporters usually use Inverted Pyramid Style.
This style was started to be used in wars or prior to that, as telegraph reporting was done at that time. It was used to shorten the time & quickly send in most simple words, maximum 35 words.
Most important parts are
1. Lead
2. Body
3. Conclusion
It is the most important part of news, 
whole of story is in desending order, means top to bottom. With top line as the most important & last line the least important.
Lead uses 5w's & 1h. who, what, where, why, when, how.
Lead should be concise, attractive & less then or equal to 35 words.
Body consist of 2nd & 3rd para, They are backgrounders, like they give the background knowledge of event.
backgrounders are trimmed by editor, but that doesnt effect the overall importance of story.
4 important things are used in body
  1. Quotations: important discussion by a source.
  2. Source: a person who is the witness, or has authentic info related to some thing.
  3. Flow of News: Flow of news should be in liquidity & with our ambiguity, like water.
  4. Transitions: (change from one para to other) Transitions should be used in accordance with news, they can be, timely, numerically, geographically.
Conclusion or Concluding Paragraph:
All unnecessary info will be found in the last para, but ending is not in narrative style like 'happy ending' etc. It will be ended with least important info in the end or quotation by a source in the end. So that reader knows that followups eventually will be released after furthur investigation.
example of an Inverted Pyramid Story is:
PAKISTAN'S President Asif Ali Zardari "most likely" suffered a mini stroke but is out of intensive care in a Dubai hospital and spent the day ringing up associates by telephone, party members said. ---Lead
in this lead, Who: President, What:out of ICU, Where: Dubai, Why: suffered stroke, When:the day, How: spending calling party members.  
His illness, which saw him fly to the United Arab Emirates and admitted to the American Hospital late on Tuesday, sparked frenzied speculation that the unpopular 56-year-old head of state mired in scandal may be forced to resign.
A cabinet member said earlier in the week that he suffered a "minor heart attack" but a senior member of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) told AFP overnight that the cause was "most likely a transient ischemic attack".  This is the backgrounder.
Medics say there is no lasting damage from a transient ischemic attack, but that it is an indicator of a possible stroke in the future.
They describe a mini stroke that briefly cuts blood flow to part of the brain, leaving the patient with stroke-like symptoms for up to two hours.  This is the conclusion.
  • Remember: Own opinion should not be given in a news other wise it wont be selected as a news cause it is altered.
  • Avoid ending.
  • always right in descending order.
  • Use Connections b/w paragraphs.
  • Use quotations of sources, b/w news.
P.S this type of news writing is only for general news like hard news or related to city or front page. We don't write business news in this style. 'Personalized view' is used for that kind of news 

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