3 tips for Anonymous Internet Surfing

First of all I would like to tell you all that their is nothing like anonymous on internet anymore. Anyone can be traced, however powerful anonymity features he uses. The NSA itself has some best computer hackers in their office who can trace any anonymous person who uses computer.
But as this article is purely for educational purpose, I will tell you the methods that will help you remain anonymous on internet from most of the internet users and some menace makers who try to breach internet security.
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1. Use TOR with a VPN for anonymous surfing:

In the beginning TOR was invulnerable. However, now due to upgradation in technology even anonymous users using TOR can be traced back to the origins. A good way to prevent that is to use a VPN server with TOR network to double the encryption.

2. Use HTTPS for secure internet surfing:

You can use HTTPS on any website by adding 's' with 'HTTP'.
For example: http://www.blogger.com to https://www.blogger.com

3. Use addons on Browsers:

Mozilla has an addon 'Noscript' while Google chrome has an addon named 'ghostery'. These are two good addons that can keep your internet activities secure and anonymous.
Apart from them their are many others that you can search on the addons website.

Have secure and anonymous internet surfing experience.

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