Is your website Readable?

Is your website Readable?
Its becoming a norm that websites today are being designed by designers and are than being developed by the developers. This is a good norm, and I think it should continue but are these websites that are designed by the designers up to the mark?
Most of the websites that are designed by designers are designed through freelancing websites. Well, I do not have a problem with this website nor with the designers who design these websites. However, from my own experience I can make analyses. A good way to put my analyses in your mind is by telling you a simple story.

Revise my design please!

When jobs are published on the freelancing websites, most of the jobs are given to the lowest bidders. Most of the lowest bidders do not have adequate knowledge of the design so the main problem arises when they design the website.
Well, according to them, the website is perfect and they have followed the websites to design that website. However, what they lack is that every type of website is different. Some websites are for sales purpose, other are blogs and need to be treated in that way while others are ecommerce websites.
What happens here is that most of the designs that are for portfolio websites are applied to that website that is for content. In addition, in result the websites usability decreases.
Than the developer develops that website in the manner that website was designed. That also decreases the website usability. And the end result is, the websites look awesome in the sense of the design, but in sense of the content they lose.

What can website usability do for your website?

Website usability of your website can help in a great way. Either a quality assurance tester or the person who is assigned the job of testing checks the website usability. If the website is clearly made with content in the right place and is presented in the right way. People will spend more time on the website. However, if the website is not made in that way and is ambiguous than users will not spend their time and the bounce rate of the website will rise.

KISS (Keep it simple Stupid):

However, for normal websites, a usability tester is not needed. Because a good website designer or developer who has adequate knowledge of the human behavior. He can easily makes a website in the best way possible by following the principle Keep it simple Stupid (KISS).

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