Give Charity To Avoid Problems

Every religion focuses on giving in charity. Because charity Can extinguishes the anger of Allah and can avoid many problems and calamities that are coming towards a person.
Islam is a religion that asks to give in charity as sadaqah, fitrana and zakat. Because these things stop a person from becoming greedy. It also makes the position of the poor better in the society, so they can also enjoy the facilities of life.

What is charity - sadaqahAnd Who to give charity to?

Sadaqah is:

Every step that a person takes to a mosque…
Donations that someone gives to build a mosque…
Solving those problems between people which can lead to fighting
To help people by lifting their luggage for them…
To help those people who need help…
To plant a tree with the intention that when it grows up people will enjoy its shade and eat its fruit (this is sadqah jaria, because it will go on)
To feed those who are hungry and poor…
To donate Holy Quran in a madressa or a mosque or to donate jaynamaz in a mosque is also sadqah jaria.
To teach someone good words is sadaqah
To smile for your muslim brother is also sadaqah
Those who are poor and cannot give sadaqah in the form of money, according to a hadeeth, he can recite tasbeeh (Subhan allah, Allhumdulilah, Allah hu akbar or Astagfirullah or La illah ha il lallah).
According to an ahadees “”Every good deed (ma’ruf) is charity.” Hadees by Bukhari.

It is better to give sadaqah to your relatives if they are poor, than to give it to other people.

Why giving charity is better for you?

Charity or sadaqah can help us avoid many problems. Those brothers who believe in GOD know that all problems that we face in our lives are either due to the fact that we have performed some sins and these problems are the result of those sins or they help us gain more reward. Because when we are patient with a problem, Allah becomes happy with us and he gives us a reward. 
However, these problems can be avoided by giving charity for Allah's sake.

How a charity helps us economically?

Charity is also a good way to decrease poverty in a country. When a person is poor he cannot do anything for himself, he can't do any kind of business nor can he learn any kind of art so that he can earn for himself.
However, these charitable organizations that are established around the world to help these poor people stand by themselves by making them skilled in different professions. 
But they need funds to run and the charities can help them run.
So, as you can see that charities can help in decreasing the poverty in a country and increasing its GDP.

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