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Pakistan is a developing country. And developing country needs capital to grow. Investors in Pakistan can start many new businesses. In this column of Business Ideas I will keep on posting new ideas that can be started in Pakistan.
As most of the people in Pakistan are unaware or scared due to the situation that is currently prevailing in the country. But, if strict measures are taken by the government, then these businesses can work effectively.

Well, if we talk about the Rickshaw business... A lot of rickshaws are roaming on the streets of Pakistan. Most of the rickshaws are privately owned by different people and either are rented to different people or they are run by themselves.

Monthly Pay in Rickshaw business:

The rickshaw business in Pakistan is a pretty good investment as one person who rents out a rickshaw can easily get:
Rent: 300rs to 400rs
Monthly 9000rs to 11000rs

And the rickshaw driver to whom the rickshaw is rented can also earn more than he earns in another field doing work - if he is not educated.

How to start Rickshaw Business?

Rickshaw business can be started by buying a rickshaw and asking the local authorities for other formalities. In Pakistan, there are not much formality, however, in my own opinion local police station might need to be informed when the rickshaw is being rented to a rental - correct me if I am wrong.

Tips for buying a Rickshaw:

1. It would be better if the person who wants to start a business buys a used rickshaw which is low on mileage. If the deal gets finalized, the rickshaw should be made checked by a local mechanic.

Tips for Renting the Rickshaw:

1. The ID card and latest utility bill of his house needs to be collected.
2. A copy of both the things should be provided to the local police station for permission (or check with the local police station for procedure).

Value Additions:

1. The meter should be installed or fix rate list needs to be implemented for your rickshaw - this will increase the trust.
2. Upload a website of your company, if you are doing rickshaw business on a large scale.
3. Start an insurance policies for the drivers of your rickshaws.
4. Introduce a call center service, through which commuters can call you to get rickshaw service.

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