Acceptable Google Play Developer Account payment Options

Is your virtual credit card not working with the google payment options? This is probably because google doesn’t allow virtual credit cards or debit cards.

I was trying to make a google play account using a virtual debit card of Telenor Pakistan but it was not working. So, I contact the google payment support team and they told me that virtual debit and credit cards are not acceptable, even if they are Master Cards.
This is because google only accepts credit cards provided by banks.

Acceptable Payment Methods for Google Play Developer Account
The following debit and credit card options are acceptable on Google from Pakistan provided they belong to a bank account. If you have a virtual credit or debit card that will not be acceptable as can be seen in the second column of this article.
·         MasterCard
·         Visa
·         Visa Electron

Unacceptable Payment Options for Google Play Developer Account
Following methods are not acceptable by google for registering a google play developer account or for making in-app purchases.
Google Play can't be used with:
·         Wire transfers
·         Bank transfers
·         Western Union
·         Money Gram
·         Virtual Credit Cards (VCC)
·         Health Savings Account (HSA)
·         Transit cards
·         Any escrow type of payment

You can however use internet credit cards provided by banks such as UBL Wiz Card or MCB Lite Card, if you live in Pakistan.

Don’t Use VPN to make the account:
Google is pretty hard on developers these days and it is advisable not to use a VPN server or a proxy website to make the google play account because that can lead to unusual activity and an error generation. In short, it means your account won’t be created.

Add a payment method with proper details
Another reason the account is not made is that proper details of the credit card holder are not added on the google payments. This becomes a hurdle because google cannot verify the details.

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