How to open sites using Firefox

How to access sites using Firefox?
We will be using FireFox Add-on AnonymoX for accessing the sites.

Advantages of Using Firefox Add-on for Blocked sites:

Okay, first of all I would like to confess that I used this method to watch content which can't be watched using proxy sites & amp; proxy servers like vpn.

  1. You can see block sites
  2. You will be anonymous on the internet
  3. No one will know what you did...

So, What we have to do is...

  • Install Mozilla Firefox any version.
  • Now go to Firefox and search for add-ons by tools addons search for addons write 'anonymous' and click 'see all results'.

  • anonymoX will appear, or you can just click this link  open it in Firefox.
  • Now comes the easy part.
  • After installing  restarting firefox.
  • Go to tools anonymoX setting panel Change identity.

  • Now toggle some identities and try the one which suits you.
  • Voila !! - Finish

P.S: To open a site using Ultra surf then click here

Be safe,


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