Simple Secrets of Free App store optimization And App Installs

Want to know the secrets of increasing app installs and reviews? This article sheds light on how to increase app installs and downloads but also to do that in a white-hat way. We only focus on white-hat techniques and this article is going to tell you how that is done. Whether your app is targeted towards audience in Japan, China or in any other country, you can get more downloads for them.

Below is a list of ways to improve your mobile app rankings, get more reviews and increase downloads for them.

Incentivized App reviews
Either give users points or pay for an app review service to get initial boost for your account. Incentivized apps reviews are not recommended and is considered a bad practice. But many do it and it works!

Keyword Positions in Play Store Matter
Your keyword position matters in the play store. The better you are placed the more downloads your app will get. In order to change the keyword position, change the way you position keywords in the description.
Change description or change keywords in it and then test it for a week.

Pinterest for app promotion strategy
The best way to gain more installs or to get at least eyeballs on your apps is by using pinterest. The social media channels allows your to add pictures and links. Just use that to bring users to your app. As 74% users are now using pinterest most of these will surely download the app because they are already on mobile phone. This will not only get you more downloads but it will give more exposure to your app. If you cannot do this by yourself hire someone on fiverr to do the job for you.

Google Images for improving installs and app searches
Similarly to pinterest, promote your app on image webites like 9gag, imgur and others. These websites are indexed fast by google and by using your app images on these apps you will be able to get more downloads directly from google images. This will also affect the app rankings and will make it more prominent on the app store.

Review Exchange Groups for app ratings
There are many facebook groups where you can find people to exchange reviews. Normally the review exchange service price is $0.1 but many individuals providing the service charge even less.
Get these services for a couple of reviews in the very start of the app promotion. This strategy will help you get noticeable on the play store.

Twitter Promotions to boost rankings
Keep posting on twitter about your app with the link. Most twitter users are now on mobile phones. When they see a link they will click on it and they will then be lead to the play store.
Not all will download the app, but a few users will surely do. And in the start you need each new install you can get for the app.

Web Search Console Optimization for app installs
Google web search console doesn’t usually show app links of google Play store. But on a few relevant queries the app links start to appear on the search bar.
The web search console is also a pretty relevant way to get more downloads for an app. Not only people consider apps that are on the google search console more trustworthy but they also do not question them.

However, any top android and IOS expert will tell that the apps are not related to any medium. They just need to be downloaded and the more people download them, the more its rankings will improve on the google play store.

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