How to Write Urdu in Microsoft Office?

We already have Urdu In page  but there are many functions which can't be accessed properly by Inpage. For that purpose we use Microsoft Office. But Microsoft Office has no Official version to write Urdu in it (although we can write Farsi, Arabic).

Here, i will show you how to write Urdu Noori Nastaleeq in MS Office.

Installing Microsoft Office:

This method will help you write Urdu in any version of Microsoft. So, you can install from Microsoft 2003 to Microsoft 2013 (I have only tested it till MS Office 2010 version).

Urdu Fonts

Download Urdu fonts:
1. Go to
2. Download Urdu Fonts
3. Open & Install them (the file will automatically install urdu fonts to windows default fonts folder).

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard 1.0

Install Urdu Phonetic Keyboard:

1.Download Urdu Keyboard from here
2. Now install it.

For Windows 7 & Windows Vista:

IF you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Just Open Microsoft Office and press "alt+shift" to toggle language.

Language button in Windows 7

Now you can write in Urdu.

Open Control Panel

For Windows Xp:

Go to control panel, 

regional and language settings

Now open Regional and Language Settings.
Languages Tab
Click on language tabs - check box ""Install files for complex scripts and right-to-left languages"

Language Support
Click OK
You will be asked to insert Windows Cd.
Windows Xp Cd prompt
 Insert The cd and again click OK
Copying files

Now restart pc by click the dialog confirmation.
Add Urdu language

After restarting:

  1. Now again go to Languages Tab (repeat step 1 to 3 of Windows XP).
  2. Click Add
  3. Input Language - Search for "URDU" - Add Urdu by drop down menu.
  4. Keyboard layout - Urdu Phonetic 1.0.
  5. Now click OK.

You may have to restart you pc again to load settings.

Language Tab:

A language tab will appear on start bar. Toggle by using mouse.

Language button in Start bar
Open MS office
Press Alt+Shift
Now you can write in urdu.




  1. Thanks Brother for your guide .
    i was style.

  2. Using this method you can type urdu any where in MS windows in any software like ms word , excel , photoshop , outlook , emails even in facebook skype chat


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