Fix mouse double-click problem on your own

This is my own experience. I got help from other blogs & finally fixed the problem on my own. This is not a big problem but needs some delicate handling.

Sorting the Problem:

IF you get double clicks from your mouse when you intended to click only one time than there must be a problem with your mouse.

Don't buy a new one:

Wait, many of us will just throw the old mouse in dustbin and buy a new one. But this mouse problem can be solved easily. As money doesn't grow on trees and we can save this piece of mouse then why waste this one?

Here i will show you how you can solve this problem.

Things you need:

  1. A screw driver
  2. A knife
  3. A plucker
  4. A tray (to keep all things inside)

open by screwdriver

Open it up:

We will first open up the mouse with help of a screw driver.The screw is mostly under the sticker or some times beneth the pads of the mouse.

Bring out the silicon chip:

Now see, that chip is very delicate and has some very sensitive parts so handle it carefully. Don't let any wire break.

The button is opened

Open up the right click button:

In the picture you see a black box with red button in middle. This is the mouse button which we mostly use while browsing on computer. The problem is here.
So open it with a knife or any small thing which you can use to open it. Don't break it or it will become loose.
If you are small ask some bigger person for help.

Keep the red button safe:

I myself accidentally lost that red button. But found it in the end. Keep it some where safe - in the tray. So that you don't loose it.


Check the golden spring:

Now what we need to do to solve the problem is to enlarge the gap between spring and the bottom. We can do this by taking it out from its position and then enlarge it.
We can put a pen nib inside and enlarge it a little. So that it doesn't press a button two times.


Test it:

After you have completed all the above its you test it. First test it by closing the red button with the box (as it was). Check if clicking sound is coming.
Now close all the packing and plug it in the computer & check it.

Voila - if all goes well you will have a fixed mouse there.
Other wise repeat the last step.


  • Don't loose red button
  • Keep all thing in a tray
  • Don't enlarge the golden spring so much that it looses its position.
  • Handle every thing carefully.

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