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How to buy a cost effective Personal Computer?

This is my own personal experience of markets in Karachi but i think it implies on all markets across the globe.

I recently visited Electronic Market that is Techno City, Uni Center, Uni Plaza at Hasrat Mohani Road Near I.I Chundrigar Road. That place has all type of Computer related stuff from 128 MB RAM to 8GB, DVD, Blue rays RW & PC's & Laptops ranging from P3 to Core i7.
So, If you want to build a cost effective Personal Computer of your choice you should visit that place. That is if you live in Pakistan. But if you live at any other place then look for those places from where your local shopkeeper buy the products and visit that place your self.

Things to Keep in Mind:

There are Few Things which should be kept in mind while you visit these places. As the vendors there are very smart and can take lot of money for small products if you don't have the right info. So, try to take some geek with you or search for the things you want to buy on Internet and near your house & jot down the prices. This will help you when you get to the shop and start to bargain.

Make a list:

First of all you should make a list of all the items you want to buy. For making a full PC it will be Processor, Hard Drive, DVD RW, RAM, Power supply & Motherboard. Extensions can also be bought like Graphic cards or Lan cards etc but basics are these.

Check the Price

After listing all the accessories its time to look for their price in your city. Like, which shop has the lowest price (remember you will not buy from that shop but its just for the idea). As all shops don't have the price list on their sites.

Ask local vendors:

Now go to the shop nearest to your house and ask him the price of the same products. He will tell you the price (price includes his commision). 

Time to go shopping:

Pick a suitable time. When you friend or Dad is free so that he can go with you. Or when you don't have any other tension on your head as two things will get on the nerve more faster than one.

Go With a Geek

Okay, its that simple, you should go with a person (friend/Dad/Brother) who has knowledge about the current prices and who can bargain nicely.

Do a quick Round of the whole place

After you get there, Don't stop at the first shop you find. But first do a complete round of whole place and observe the products, there prices & attitudes of shopkeepers.

Start from the base:

Now get back to the first shop at start bargaining for products you want to buy. (don't buy it from him yet)

Continue till the end:

Now after you have asked all the shopkeepers about the prices and have bargained with all of them. Its time for you to calculate which shopkeeper is giving the best price.

Buy all from one or one from one:

After you have calculated the price and measured the ratio. Its time you decide whether you need to buy whole PC from one shop. As there are vendors who have one thing in cheap price while other things are over priced.

Look for the best combination:

Remember every rupee counts. So look for the best combination or else your PC won't be that much cost effective.

Ask about Warranty:

Before buying any product ask about the warranty & remember to take slip.

Check every part:

Also, remember to check every part twice as some things look fine but don't work fine. (my DVD RW had that problem so i had to get it replaced).


After you are satisfied with your findings then don't wait just buy the product.

Advantages of Electronic Markets:

  • All things are available at one place
  • More competition more chances of bargain
  • Variety
  • Cost effective products

If you have any questions, ask in comment

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