What to do if your Google Play Developer Console Payment is Rejected?

You see a message "The payment for the registration fee has failed" after waiting two whole days for your Google Play Developer Console account and you now have no idea as to what you should do.

You might have come across this error while paying for your google console app account through the credit card.

There are tons of reasons for the rejection.

I talked with the google developer console representative and he said that you can take the issue with the google wallet team.

I then emailed the google wallet team but they haven't replied until now.

Update: They replied that the payment issue can be solved by Google payments team and you can reach them at 1-855-WALLET6 or https://support.google.com/payments/#contact=1

What other options do you have to solve payment issue on play console developer?

1. Clear Browser Cache & Cookies:
Clear all browser cache and cookies or use another browser
This kind of issue happens if another google account had logged-in before. The browser cache messes up the data and it doesn't allow the user to pay for the account on google store developer app console.

2. Use a different Credit Card to register google play:
Your card might be the problem. It may be low on balance or restricted to local payments only. If that is the case, you can use a different credit card for making the purchase. Just use a credit card of your relatives, friends or even a virtual credit card like Payoneer.

3. Remove & Re-add payment method:
You can also try to remove and re-add a payment method on the google developers registration page. But I doubt that it will solve the problem. Nonetheless, doing something is better than not trying at all. If it doesn't solve the problem then you will have to contact your bank for the problem.

4. Contact Your bank 
Finally, if the problem is not solved by the card then the problem must be at your Bank's end. Explain to them the purpose you are using the card for and ask them the transaction is not going through. Someone at the bank will be able to assist you with the case.

5. Hire Someone to make an account
You can also ask someone on fiverr, facebook, upwork or other places to make you a google Android developer account. There are hundreds of people just looking for this kind of work and if you pay them a little for the service they will be glad to help you.

That's it.
Good luck making your google play account. 

Let us know how did you made your first android google play development console/account by commenting below.

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