Four Best Practices for App store optimization and Higher Rankings

App store optimization is closely similar to search engine optimization, the only difference is that SEO is much more complex and ranking on the world wide web is getting difficult everyday.

But App stores still are new to most people and one reason for that is because consumers are more than producers. Now everyone can make an app because it requires knowledge of app stores, development tools like Google android developer, Apple Xcode and one should know programming.

This is obviously not the fact with blogging where anyone with the help of wordpress or blogspot can get started right away.

That's why app store optimization organic ranking is easier.
So what are the best practices to rank higher and see more results for your app downloads?

1. Be consistent

First of all, be consistent with your apps. If you have more than one app then you should publish them consistently. This will allow users to download more of your apps. You can also connect all these apps together by adding a link to the play store or the review button (that will take them to that page). This will automatically increase your organic reach and your app installs will increase.

2. Optimize App Store every week

As I said in my previous post on how to optimize apps for play store, you need to remain consistent. The more apps you have the more you will need to optimize. But keep a note of the rankings.
Use app annie or Sensor tower for that purpose. Just use the programs to know where you were standing and then optimize the app store for more rankings.
You will start to see a pattern after some days that will allow you to rank even higher for the keywords on Google play store or Apple App store. Amazon App store is much easier to rank because it doesn't have many apps yet.

3. Promote Socially

Though social promotion doesn't help with app rankings but it can grant you more installs. And when the frequency of installs increase your app will automatically rank higher.

4. Get more reviews

Finally, this is the most important factor. Just get more reviews for your apps. The more reviews you will have the higher your rankings will be. You can get more reviews by prompting users to rank your app when they exit the app. Just add a function at the exit button or back button on the first screen.

That's how you retain people to your app and increase its engagement. Hopefully, these tips will also help you increase app installs.

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