Four accounts terminated on Google Play and what I learned

I have been developing apps on google play for quiet a long time now. My first account was banned because of copyright infringement and then on my four more accounts have been banned from google play in last two years.
My second last account was earning more than $30 per day when it got banned and it was devastating. 
Yesterday my 6th account was banned. It is not like I did not learn and changed my ways. 
I tried everything.
First account: Changed Apps
With first account I changed my apps package name and code, I thought it was because of the package name that my account was getting banned. I was sure that google would not ban me again as I am not infringing copyrights this time.
But nope, it did saying 'prior violations'. The same message you all get when you had a bad background.
Second account: Changed admob and email
I thought this time it will not terminate the google play account because I was already on a new admob and the linkage will not be there. But I was banned again because of prior violation. This time I was running to accounts at the same time, with the same admob.
So the first account got banned and the second one got banned a few months later.
So i had three accounts banned and a few of my apps that had more than 50 thousand downloads were no where on google play. 
Now i knew what was working on google play and I had seen a trend in what was getting me banned. This time my credit card was the problem. I changed my credit card as well. Google had banned my google wallet because it was linked with my credit card. So, I asked one if my relatives abroad for a new account.
4th Account: Changed Credit card, admob, email address
So, i had changed everything associated with the account. Also, I was using a different Ip address for the account. The account reached 7$ yesterday. Google admob emailed me they have sent the payment. After nine hours of that i got the account termination email (again).

This time I had changed everything but i guess my keystore was linked with the previous account's apps so that must be a problem.

So now a fresh start needs to be taken on google play to avoid termination again. What it means is
1. New Email address (verified by someone's else mobile number)
2. New Admob and Google play account (verify admob at someone's else address)
3. New Computer (or virtual PC) because google tracks mac address through keystore
4. New IP address (though I have PTCL and IP address is not static but you never know)
And obviously ranking on google play is not that hard when you have experience and you know what is ranking. I work on lifestyle categories and the apps usually get a boost on eid, parties, indian holidays and more.
Advice for young google play developers:
Also, if you are just starting work on google play. Always listen to what google play because the ban is for lifetime and you will find it pretty difficult to get over it. Google is such a smart ass it can detect your every move because of the data you give it.
PM me if you had any similar issues and would like to get my opinion on how you can get back on Google Play.

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