App Store Optimization Tips: Rank App On Google Play Store [Organically]

App store optimization is the next big thing. Whether you are an indie developer, a search  engine specialist or just someone trying his hands on optimizing apps for the first time. This guide will help you rank your apps better and get more downloads for them.

Google Play Store App Optimization for more downloads

Optimize Title on Google Play Store

You need to optimize the title. First Google play had 30 words in title but now that has been increased to 50 words. You need to optimize you app for two keywords at least so it shows up in either one of them. The keywords can be anything you want. For example: Best Antivirus Scanner & Battery Saver

This is one big title and covers two keywords in it including Best Antivirus scanner and Best battery saver.
Make one for yourself using google keyword tool or Uber suggest tool.

Add Complete Description on Google Play Store:

You can add as much content in description as you want but the key to success is optimizing that content for atleast two keywords. Here is my strategy for doing that.

  • Add first three word keyword three times in content

Increase content to at least 300 words and Use the keyword in headings.
Yes, make headings for writing the content. Don't just add it monotonously.

Also, add ALT image text on all the images.
The ALT text should include the keyword as well.

That's it. You have a optimized app now.

How to check optimization of App on Google Play Store?

Now it is time to analyze if your app is ranking for the keywords.
Wait for three days.
If you app starts to appear on the  keywords in the first 50 apps then it means you can easily rank it higher. Now optimize those keywords.

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Adding Reviews to Google Play Store:

Add a pop up in app that asks users to review your app if they like it. This will increase the amount of reviews you will have. This will increase its ratings on that keyword on Google play and also make it available on other keywords that you were not ranking for previously.

The contact above is according to Google Play store app optimization guidelines and is totally white hat. You do not have to worry about it. You can also use Google Play keywords tool for finding keywords.
That's it.

Let me know if you want to hire an App Store Optimization Expert for Google Play Store.
Contact me on Fiverr for Android App Optimization.

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