App Store Optimization Checklist: Explaining to you like you are five

App store optimization is done to increase app downloads and installs. But how can one increase that when he doesn’t have any idea about how it is done? This guide on app store optimization will help you get started ranking your apps higher on google play store, apple app store and amazon app store.

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Remember these App store optimization tips for better rankings

Choose keyword in title

You need to get more keywords in the title in order to get more eye balls on the app. People do not just click on any app. They are always skimming these and are looking for the ones that have that keyword in them. 

For example: If I am searching for Italian Pizza recipes, I will not click on pizza recipes or california pizza I will only click on app that has Italian Pizza Recipes in the title.

Use keywords where needed says that you should use keywords consciously. Only use five keywords at most in the app you are marketing. These five keywords should be used at relevant places in the app description. 

Don't just put keywords at all places you like because that is called keyword spamming. Just use keywords that you think are relevant to your app.

For example: If you are targeting a keyword for an app called "Lesbian Lawyers list" you should use Lesbian cases and solutions, lesbian authorities and police, lesbian advocates, LGBT lawyers in YOUR AREA NAME and similar keywords.

Use uber suggest and google trends for selecting keywords of your choice. 
Google Play App Store: Make sure you fill in the details

Make attractive Content description

Your content description should be really unique and written in a professional way. Any thing that  can provide value to the user before he installs the app should be truthfully provided in the app description.

For example, if your app is good with connecting the person to the lawyers but it doesn't provide their addresses, just provide that in the description as well. Because it will increase your installs and will attract the target users.

In my own test, I have always written app description that is more than 2000 characters for Google Play store and amazon app store. 

But you will learn by doing it. Some thing might work for me, but it may not work for you. 

You cannot predict how the algorithm works.

Increase outside promotion

Use your friends as a loud speaker. Ask them to share your app. The more social signals an app has the more chances people will see it and install it. 

I have not read anywhere that social signals directly affect the app rankings, nor have I experienced them in my apps. But I have received a good amount of downloads from social media and that has indirectly increased my app rankings and installs.
Don't forget to share your App on Social Mediums

Update description from time to time

This is one of the most crucial steps I would say. Because an app description is just like food. You won't eat rotten food, similarly google won't rank rotten content. If it is fresh, inspiring and attractive, then google will give it the required value.

If you do not update the description once in a month, you are missing the ranking on new keywords. 

In my experiments, I was not ranking on a few keywords but by making a strategy and finding new keywords, I was able to rank for them. This further solidifies your rankings on the already ranked keyword and you will move a place up word on it.

Ask for ratings and reviews

Finally, do not miss the ratings and reviews part. Though, google says that do not interrupt users for ratings and that is usually true because the user will uninstall the app and your ranking will decrease. But if you only ask the users at the very end, when they are pressing the back button for ratings, then you might have a better chance of getting one. Because the user will be happy with the information he has obtained, or if it is a game may be he scored a new high, then asking at that time for ratings will be better for you.

Ask Users for Reviews and Ratings for Better App rankings on Apple App Store and Google Play Store
Summing up the App Store Optimization guide parts

The app store optimization guide includes properly optimizing your app page for the relevant keywords and information that can add value to the user. This not only helps the google algorithm understand your business in a better way, but it also helps users get relevant information, which increases your app installs and downloads.

I hope the above information was helpful to you. 

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