Advantages of App Store Optimization: From Zero to 1000 Downloads

When you start making an app, do you focus on marketing? Because I didn't. When I made my first app, I was so immersed in the design and the functionality and how users will receive it, that I forgot to focus on how to market it well. My first app was a disaster. It didn't reaped the downloads and it only made two dollars, even after I asked my friends for reviews. I have more then 80 reviews from my friends but the organic traffic was simply not there. So, the app store installs never happened.

This is how I started app store optimization. Later, I learned more about how rankings work on play store and started working on ways to improve it.
I made different apps, some of them were not that good in design but they ranked pretty well, which led to few account terminations by google.
Based on my experience, I have made a list of advantages of getting app store optimization tips for your app.

- Get More Exposure for your App

By optimizing your app for App store you are increasing its downloads. This means your app will rank more on play store. If you app ranks well on play store it will get more organic downloads. If it gets more organic downloads, you won't have to spend anything on marketing of the app. So, the first benefit of App Store optimization guide is that it gets your apps more exposure.

- Organic Downloads and Installs

Organic downloads and installs are somethings that every developer out there wishes for. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen the way people have thought. But making better optimizations on the play store can get your app more eyeballs. And when it gets more eyeballs, it will start getting more downloads.

- Cost-Effective Organic Marketing

Do you know how much people spend on app marketing? If only a quarter of it is spent on organic ranking, the app will automatically start to generate more revenue.
How? By organic rankings, the app will rank higher than the competition on the google play store. When it ranks higher it will be downloaded by relevant audience. So, the whole process is much more cost-effective in nature.

- Build Credibility of Your Mobile App

Do you download app available on a random website or do you go to the Google play store, search for a keyword and download the app that comes in first five positions? I bet you do the second. The reason is, apps that are ranking higher on google play are considered credible by the people. They think they are ranking higher so they are more relevant to what they have searched for and they download the apps. So, another advantage of app store optimization guide is that it builds credibility.

- Targeted Audience for Your Mobile Apps

An android app will not get downloaded by anyone if it is not optimized for the right keywords. Because the keywords are searched by the targeted audience. And those who search for a targeted keyword are more prone to downloading the app. So, more rankings on Google play store, Amazon app store or Apple App store means more targeted people will download the app.

- Measurable Data for Future App Strategy

Another reason of app store optimization guide is that you can see the actual results in real-time. You optimize the app store description page the first day, the second day if that app has started to rank on a keyword, then you will see that the results will start to show on your app account. These measurable insights of the app installs will help you set the future strategy for your android app.

- Edge over other App developers

An android app simply gives you a space on the google play store or the amazon app store. But optimization of the app store account gives you an edge over other developers who are not optimizing their apps the way they should. This is because most of them have no idea that an app can be ranked well even without outreach marketing if they have targeted the right set of keywords.

Summing it all:

These are the benefits of optimizing your IOS and android app for Apple app store and google play store. By optimizing the apps, they rank well, they are easier to be found by search on play store, the installs of the app increase and the apps reach the relevant people without spending a lot of money.

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