What Yahoo is missing? Explained in four points...

A big question for Yahoo
Why less people visit Yahoo?
Yahoo is a search engine, and that we all know. Users smaller than the age of 10 might not know that Yahoo has remained the top search engine of the world for atleast 4 years before google. But after google emerged it took place of yahoo and beat it fair and square.
But now a days, yahoo is trying to regain its position back (a long way to go). Critics too, believe that for beating google yahoo has to go a long way.
But for a normal user (that we all are), what are the things that can make yahoo a better search engine than google?
here are few of the things that we have noticed in the search engine itself and decided to bring it forward.

1. Image search:

If we go to the Yahoo home page, its diverse and has a lot of information available on it. However, it is missing something big, very big for designers and developers, and that is, "IMAGES". Images tab is missing from the yahoo search bar.

Yahoo home page with no image tab
No image Tab on Yahoo homepage
This is not just a small mistake, but a big blunder. And that is because most of the people who use internet are between the age of 13 to 50. These people include diverse categories, most importantly the category of teenagers is interested in watching images rather than reading text. However, the lack of this tab brings Yahoo on a lower rank in the race of search engines.

2. Slow speed:

Unlike Google that searches results in less than micro second, when Yahoo search engine was tested by Data Jhonpri, the engine searched the results in 2 seconds, call it the slow speed of net (We are using 1 Mb in Pakistan) or the page cache (if this one is the case, its from yahoo), but the speed is slower than Google and many other faster search engines.
It should be noted by corporate giants that people today do not want quality, In simple sense, they don't care how many pages are fetched by teh search engine, all they care is the first three pages and these three pages should load in the smallest time possible.

3. Not so user friendly (stiff look)

Yahoo.Inc was a famous search engine name in the last decadem every one used to say Yahoo when they were happy. However, now the trends have changed, people say 'wow' rather than 'yahoo'. Secondly, the red color yahoo was the color for people, it was showing more to public. Checkout the google colors (multi colors) they resemble all type of colors for all type of people. But yahoo is limiting itself without any real issues. The corporate purple color has given the search engine a stiff look.
Yahoo vs Google - User interface and homepage
Which search engine looks better?
People do not want stiff looking search engines, they want search engines that are easy and relaxing.
If this goes on, they Yahoo will not be able to win the race of being the best search engine.

4. Being corporate kills!

Being coporate in the corporate world is good. Being corporate with children is a disaster, being corporate with teens is addle brained and with elders is idiocy.
Yahoo is trying to treat every one on earth the same. With its corporate looking search engine, the site believes it will be able to bring more people to search for it.
How ever, people only go for yahoo when google is not working on their computers (like we did). And this gives us a great idea, why don't the yahoo guys hack and block google services? In that way they will be able to get more traffic to their engines.

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