Top App store optimization Books on Amazon for Mobile Marketing

Though there are ample resources available online on app store optimization (ASO), but I know there are a handful of people who still love books. This app ranking post is for you guys.
We have compiled a list of top five app traffic optimization books from amazon. Some of these books have great reviews and they are pretty detailed in helping developers rank their apps well on the Google play store and Apple App Store.

List of Mobile Marketing Ebooks:

The books do not cover mobile marketing and app ranking strategies for Amazon app store, so we will have a separate post on that pretty soon.
So without further ado, let’s dig in and see what these best app store optimization books have on offer.

Mobile App marketing and monetization tells the on-store and off-store app promotion strategies. Whether you already know a lot about app marketing or are just starting out, the book contains app store optimization tips for every level.

Want to know how to make your app sell? Whether you are an android developer or an IOS developer, the strategies described in the ’10 Experiments to double your app revenue’ will help you get more downloads, enhanced engagement and more bucks!
This 50-page book provides three different systems of app marketing and retention. Further, it recommends you to track your app installs and engagement, and shows tools that can do just that.

Okay before discussing this one, let us tell you that this one is not related to app marketing in anyway. But, Pro Android Apps Performance is absolutely relevant to your app promotion strategies. Here is why.
The book contains tips and solutions to boost your app performance. It helps you optimize the app so the app becomes more efficient, can communicate with server swiftly and is lighter in size. Aren’t these things needed for making an app more user-friendly?
And that’s why I added Android apps performance optimization app to our list.
The book High Performance Android Apps by Doug Sellars sheds light on ways by which a users uninstalls an app. It focuses on small problems that lead to low user retention and less downloads, while providing app marketing strategies that will keep your app up and running.
It is not just for app marketers but anyone developing android apps, and wanting to know about app testing, retention and engagement strategies can get this book. It has a little for everyone involved in app development and marketing process.
Blackhat ASO book promises to help you learn the most advanced ‘black hat’ app ranking secrets. It says the developers will find the book beneficial for them because it tells some of the best app store optimization secrets. Want to know what type of secrets the app contains? Well you will have to get the blackhat ASO book then.
It is not up-to-date but app store strategy hasn’t changed much in the last three years. The main focus of google as of now is still on web search.

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