How I can use Game Ranger for multiplayer games?

Game Ranger for multiplayer games
Is Game ranger the best Multiplayer software?
Game Ranger is one of the softwares that is used to help users find out servers related to the game that they have installed and play it online with other people.
Although some of my friends might be having a little problem in installing game ranger. So, for their help I will try to explain the whole procedure here.

Downloading Game Ranger:
Game Ranger can be installed easily by searching it on google search engine and then downloading it from the game ranger website.

Installing game Ranger:
Game ranger can be installed on the C drive with other features like game ranger address bar (I don't install the address bar). Just uncheck the boxes that you do not want to install and install the game ranger on your personal computer.

Setting Up Game Ranger:
Well, Game Ranger asks for a user account. This user account can easily be setup if the users are connected to the internet. Or you can make an account from the game ranger website. The procedure is easy and will not take much time. However, you will have to verify your email Id.

Finding Games and Servers:
Game Ranger has a user friendly interface and allows the users to search from different games. There are a lot of games available on game ranger and new games are added frequently. But it is better to stick to the games that have the most servers available. As that will allow you to get users in less time and start the game.
Some of the top games played on Game Ranger are Stronghold Crusaders, Fifa 2008, Call of Duty 4, Warcraft 3, Generals Zero hour and so on.
Some users might not be able to host server. They will get an error in game ranger, that "They are behind a firewall or a router". Solution is simple, to turn off what ever is being downloaded on their computer and add expectation to windows firewall.

Adding installed game in Game Ranger:

Game Ranger is a software it doesn't no how many games are installed on your computer and which one you want to play. So, its better to add the games that you want to play online, by the menu button and Add games button.
By doing the above you will not only be able to play games but can host your own server.
An advice for new users, It is better to download the maps before you join Game Ranger. Because the players there are addle brained and they will kick you if you are not having the right map.

That will be all for now... Happy multiplaying.

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