What should I do after BCOM in Pakistan? MCS or MBA?

The question is scraped from forums in Pakistan.
I through my experience have found that people are more or less interested in doing MBA after B.COM but that is  not a good path if you are unsure of what you want to become.


Why do B.COM in Pakistan?

B.COM is one degree that can open doors to almost all career paths in Pakistan may it be business, finance, IT or anyother related field except engineering and medical ofcourse.

But is getting a B.COM worth it?

If you get low percentage in Intermediate the best thing is to either repeat it or get admission in a subject that you love. Because if you do not love the subject you will get bored during the job period (the n ext 10 years that is)
 However, B.COM - in my opinion should not be considered - first it is not a solid degree second you have to chose a different major later on. Because, B.COM graduate do not get better salary.

What to do If you are in BCOM?

First search the market and your interests. If you are interested in getting in to IT sector you should do a course such as web development course, web designing course or something similar. If that is not possible learn it online. Coursera and Udemy are good places.

Get an internship in a company relevant to your field:
The internship should be related to your field. Such as you can intern as a graphic designer if you are interested in that or as a web developer.
The internships in Pakistan are usually free so you should not expect to get compensation.
After two months of internship start asking them for a job and if they do not give it. Switch.

What after I finish B.COM? MBA or MCS?
Now you have finished B.COM you must be in your company (having 1 year of experience) I suppose. If it is a technical field such as computer programming - go for MCS and then an MSCS.
If you are a graphic designer or content writer or anyother similar field - go for an MBA with concentration in that field (marketing, Information systems, Banking, finance) etc.

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