How to protect your Facebook account from graph search?

Facebook recently made its graph search public. Using this graph search option people can search anything that is uploaded on Facebook unless that is privatized by the owner. 
The graph search is  good option if it is used for the good like finding restaurant or searching for a club in your area. However, there are people out there who use these type of tools for malicious purposes as well as stalking other people. Well for these weirdo's there is no other option but to keep your data safe.
So, Data Jhonpri has made up some points to help you with the Facebook graph search.
Facebook graph search and privacy
Is Facebook Graph Search Invasion of Privacy

Protect from FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH in Five steps

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook graph search is made using semantic web phenomenon. Its part of Big Data system that will make the data Artificial Intelligent in near future. However, that is a little far and we need to focus on the Graph search option right now.

1. How Facebook Graph Search Works?

Well, you should know facebook graph search is different for every one. That is because the searches like Body building Gym Near me will tell that man about the gym near his city, lets say the city he lives in is Newyork. So, it will focus on the people, things and places tagged in newyork and that will be shown to that man.
Of course, that is a good feature and will help a lot of people. But what is that person searches for Jane (fullname) from some apartments. In that case if Jane is available on Facebook and her data is not private, she will be shown in results and the person can stalk her if he has bad motives or what ever he wants. We are saying this because most people use these things for stalkings as the media is reporting these days...

2. What Public can see on Facebook?

You should know, that everything that you are posting is available to public if it is not made private by choosing Only me or Friends option.

3. What you can do to keep private data private on Facebook?

There are pros and cons of everything. Facebook Graph search also has its own cons. But it doesn't mean that people cannot protect themselves. There are many things that people can do to protect themselves and even facebook has introduced some of the ways that will help the users to keep their data from being searched.

Avoid Facebook Graph Search in simple steps

A. Untag yourself from photos, Videos and posts:

We know this might be a little difficult. But than you do not have to untag yourself from every post  Only untag from those posts that you think can lead to stalking or impersonating. Other posts are fine and will be a lot of help to people. You can do that by clicking on privacy shortcut on your home and selecting See more settings.  And than selecting Use Activity Log, like in the picture shown below.

Privacy Shortcuts in Facebook
Privacy shortcuts in Facebook

Tag and Untag posts on Facebook using Activity log
Access Activity log in Facebook

B. Protect your future posts:

Future posts will be affected influentially by this Facebook Graph searching. Because old posts are not captioned and made like the way that they can be searched easily so Facebook indexed them itself. However, now it has introduced Description, Title and Who is in the picture like boxes to make graph search easy. 
To protect your future posts you will have to repeat the same method described above and select Who can see you future posts? tab and Edit it.
Take help from the picture.

Edit future posts in Facebook
Edit who can see your stuff on facebook
C. Limit Past Posts data:
Past posts data is mostly visible to public. However that can be limited by selecting the right options. But be warn  these limits will be made on all posts and all data that is made pubic will be limited to friends. Nevertheless, All those posts on which friends have tagged friends of friends will be able to see the posts.
Same procedures, that the above posts described. Take help from the picture.

Edit Old post limit on facebook
Edit who can see your past posts

D: Make photos and videos on Facebook private:

Other things that you can do to avoid Facebook graph search on your photos and videos is to make them private. 
Go to Home>Photos>Albums. Click on each album and select its private settings and make them to Friends or Only me (the one that suits you).
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E: Remove Caption from posts, photos and videos:

You can also remove caption from photos, videos and posts on Facebook that you do not want people to see. Facebook graph search can only access your data by keywords. The best way to avoid is to stop adding caption on things that you do not want others to see.

These are some of the options that might be of help. 
Have a Safe facebooking day.


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