Types of Research at University level

In this post I will tell you about the types of research that students from Bachelors level to post graduate level have to complete in their University.
Research in University
Research at University Level

1. Bachelors Level Research: 

This is also called M.A level research in many countries. However, the research remains the same which ever the country it is. 
The Research findings are compiled in the form of a Thesis. This research is for an year or a semester (six months). The researches are published and are than put in the University library for help of junior students.
Now of pages compiled in a Thesis are 100, 150, 200.
We can also write it as:
Research: Thesis
Duration: 1year, six months
Pages: 100, 150, 200

2. Masters level or MS level research: 

This research type is also called Thesis however the research duration period of a MS level research varies significantly. The research duration of MS level is 2 years to 3 years. And the number of pages compiled in a MS level research include 200 to 500 words atmost.

Research: Thesis
Duration: 2 year - 3 Year (18 months)
Pages: 200 - 500

3. PHD research:

The research of PHD is called Thesis or Dissertation. It lasts almost 7 years. And the number of pages compiled during a PHD research is considered the highest. They are around 1000 pages. And This research can also be published as a book. 

Research: Dissertation
Duration: 7 years
Pages: 1000

4. Mini researches:

These are short time period researches carried out with in university and at professional levels. After the research the paper that is published is called Research paper or Research article. 
The minimum count of research article is 5000 words or more.
These are often published in University journals and Newspapers and magazines. 

Research: Research paper or research article
Duration: one week to six months
pages: 10 pages or 5000 words

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