Pubic Relations and its Definition

Its is said that a Public Relation officer (PRO) needs to be energetic. because he has to work on many platforms at the same time.
1. He has to look after the whole event.
2. make policies.
3. Brief the media 

So, the PRO needs to have Good health, Good personality and should know verbal and written communication quite well.

What is Public Relations
Defining Public Relations

A definition of Public relations provided by the British Institute:
The deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between organization and its public.

It brings us to the points that:

1. Public Relations is a Deliberate effort:

This means that PR is intended towards the targeted audience. A good example will be: Public Relations does not act unintentionally, like a guy who befriends with another guy unintentionally. But Public Relations are intended toward the public to influence their decision or thinking.

2. Public Relations is Planned effort:

This one is pretty simple as well. As Public Relations is meant to be an effort to keep relations with the public. And for that purpose some strategies and planning need to be made as the frame work or the basis.
We can also compare it with the friendship example, that guy who befriended with another guy is not friends to break friendship after 4 weeks. Though, that is pretty much possible, but he has not planned it.
In Public Relations, however, things are planned.

I have been using 'Targeted Audience' in the post. 

Who is targeted Audience?

targeted audience can be any one. It can be the employees of the company. The normal public or even the media.
For a University, the Targeted audience is, the affected people. Like, the parents of the students are affected by increase in fees. Or the teachers, who are affected by low payments.

And Finally,

Who needs Public Relation experts?

There are many organizations who need Public Relation experts that can propagate the message to the targeted audience. In simple terms, we can say all those organizations where controversies can develop pretty easily need Public relation department.
These may include:
1. Government Departments
2. NGOs
3. Institutions - health, education etc
4. Individuals - Politicians, CEO's, etc

For more information: Read 'The Practice of Public relations - 10th Edition'

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