Present Indefinite tense in Urdu

English tenses:

Present indefinite tense:


Subject+verb+s or (present form)
e.g.: He writes, I walk, they read, She speaks.  وہ لکھتا ہے ، وہ لکھتی ہے، وہ پڑھتے ہیں، وہ بولتی ہے۔
Bigger sentences: He writes very well, they read Quran everyday, she speaks at international conferences, and I walk in rain so no one can see my tears.


 It uses do/does
‘s will be removed from he/she/it’
Subject+do/does+verb(first form with out s)
It/he/she uses ‘does’
They/i/you use ‘don’t’
I do not read, she does not speak, and they do not walk وہ نہیں پڑھتا ہے، وہ نہیں بولتی ہے، وہ نہیں چلتے ہیں
Do not=don’t , does not=doesn’t


Does/do + subject+verb(present form without s)+?
Does he live in London? کیا تم لندن میں رہتے ہو؟
Do you have a car? کیا تمھارے پاس گاڑی ہے
Does he have a car (has will be used if he was already having a car)? کیا اس کے پاس گاڑی ہے؟


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