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From last one week, I have been trying to find a free host. As, I have learned programming recently. And have made a site on my computer.
But all those sites I encountered, some were providing 250Mb others were providing space in GB.

While they were providing the whole file manager software and web themes. But, that was not what i needed.

The thing is 'If you are looking for a free hosting for personal/commercial use you will have to signup for a paid service(when your limit exceed) or move the site to some other host.
Still I have made a list of all those free hosting sites. They might be of some help to you.

Free Hosting

1. Word Press is a site which provides both, free domain & hosting for paid and free users as well (free users are provided sub domains).
Size: (for free users) 3gb
Templates: 72 templates – Option of uploading own templates for paid users.

2.      Geo cities (Yahoo): This site used to offer webhosting for free. But, now it is closed. Instead has taken its place.
I made an account there.
Drawbacks: Slow processing – not user-friendly environment.
Yahoo is now offering paid hosting.

3.      FreeHostia -: Offers 4 different packages
Chocolate package: this one is for free hosting.
Size: 250mb, Traffic: 6 GB monthly

4.      Zymic -: I haven’t used this service but searched it on internet and it looks cool.
Size: 5 GB
Traffic: 50gb
*I think they are not providing domain registration

5.      PHP MYSQL host -: They are also a new one (I had a little difficulty in searching for them).
Size: 5gb
Traffic: 200gb monthly
In addition: Offering 50 parked domains, sub domains.

6.      FreeHosting EU -: It’s the European free hosting site.
Size offering: 200mb space
Traffic: 4000mb monthly
5 short web addresses (domains)

7. -: (100% Wind Power GREEN Energy web hosting by They provide with a domain
Size: 250 MB Disk Space
Traffic: 5 GB Monthly
1 Domain Hosting

8.      100webspace - Size: 100MB
Traffic: 3000MB monthly
Domains Hosted: 1

Free hosting Sites without Ads

9.      ByetHost -:
Size: 1gb
Traffic: 50gb monthly
No ads
Support addon domains & subdomains (5)

10.  Biz.NF - They provide with a domain
Size: 250MB
Traffic: 5gb transfer monthly
No Ads

11.  AwardSpace -:
Size 250Mb
Traffic: 5gb monthly
3 sub domains, 1 domain
No Ads
Check these sites out, if you want to tell about anyother site feel free to tell in comments.
In my next post I will be telling about free domain registration sites.

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