Public Relations - Objectives and Aims

The theories as described in earlier post lead to different methods which are practiced by the Public Relation Officers.
The practical applications that these Public Relation Officers practice can be summarized in three different tabs.

Goals of Public Relations
Objectives and Aims of Public Relations

Why Public Relation is pursued?

There are some common agendas that are behind the public relations. These agendas and goals are set and are in favor of the company or the organization. These steps include:

Positive steps to achieve good will:

First and foremost motive of a Public Relation department from any organization is to achieve goodwill in the company. This goodwill of the company can later be used in many different places (that will be explained later).

Action To safeguard Reputation:

Many controversies take place in different organizations. All these controversies cannot be ignored as some are directly affecting the reputation of the organization. Public Relation officers in this kind of scenario will issue press release and other such activities to propagate their message to targeted audience so to safeguard the image of the organization (reputation).
A good example is of Lays Chips. The Lays chips were labeled halal by some forces and the standard of these chips fell in Muslim countries. However, later, by the efforts of Public relation department of Lays and the package labeling (halal) increased its reputation among the targeted audience (that was Public).

Building internal relationship:

Public Relation Officers want the employees of the organization, to own the company. Because if the employees will own the company they will work harder. That is why the data from employees is collected and they are informed when pays are raised or when bonus are cut due to low profit of the company.
Motive here is to make the interest of the employees and the employers, the same.

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