Nominated, Endorsed, Seconded, Thirded

In English language that we are using today, you must have heard ‘seconded’ and ‘endorsed’ in discussion and elections.

But why we do not use thirded or forthed?

 During nominations, one candidate is selected. That candidate, however, needs endorsement from a second person. This endorsement is also called ‘seconding’.

Just like that, another person is then nominated. Therefore, the problem here arises, that many people do not understand (including me) is why we can’t use ‘thirded’ or ‘fourthed’.

The answer given to such a question is that, after a nominee is endorsed, he/she doesn’t need further endorsers as that will take the essence out of the elections. However, the third or fourth endorser can use his endorsement as the vote that he can cast to the nominee.

So, in formal English these words do not exist. However, people can use them in blogs and in their own discussion If they want. But when it comes to legal matters, only ‘seconded’ term is used.

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