Why I reverted back to blogger?

What is blogger?

We all know what a blogger is. It is a blogging system that is owned by Google inc. The Blogger has a lot of people who own their own blogs and blog about manything on their blogs. On the other hand...

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a blogging system as well as a content Management system. The blogging platform of Wordpress serves almost 2million Internet users and Wordpress system hosts 60million websites.


In simple words, we can say that Wordpress is a far bigger content management system than blogger. But blogger has some of the things that Wordpress lacks. And that is one of the reasons why many people leave wordpress for blogger.
I will be posting some of the things that I found missing in the Wordpress blogging system.

HTML integration:

In wordpress, we cannot integrate HTML in our blog posts. That means user cannot add any customized content to his Wordpress blog, unless he is a premier customer and has bought a premier theme. That simply means that money needs to be spent on Word press blogs.
But in blogger, the blogging system gives liberty to users to change the whole theme of their blog or even upload their own customized themes.
This means, that Blogger is much better when it comes to adding HTML or customized templates to the respective blogging platforms.

Liberty of working:

In blogger, a person can add widgets, menus and html even in the template of the blogging platform. But in Wordpress, one person cannot even customize the theme except the colors of the background and the header image.
So, if we compare the both platforms in terms of liberty. We can also say that the blogging platform that provides the most liberty is blogger.

Plugins availability:

In my own experience, I could not find a single plugin availability in my free word press.com account. The only medium to get plug-in for the blog was, if I change the URL of blog to some other domain (com, co, net) or if I become a premier member by spending (100$).
In blogger, I can upload new plug-in even in the themes that are available on many blogger template websites and even available in the blogger plug-in menu itself. People can also upload their own custom plug-in related to different actions for the blogger platform.
Here, also word press failed to provide the suitable plug-in that are sometimes needed by bloggers for updating HTML, placing Google or any other ad sense platform.


In conclusion it can be said empirically that blogger is far better platform for free blogging than word press. But it should also be noted here that word press may be bad at providing good blogging experience. But it is considered the one of the top Content Management System available online.
Everything has its own positive and negative aspects. In addition, blogger and word press are not out of the box.

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