How to protect your data from PRISM?

So, the National Security agency has started a new program called PRISM. You must have known about it by now as Edward Snowden called it out loud with the help of the Guardian newspaper.
However, PRISM is a program that is eavesdropping on every single bit of information it can get its hands on. And btw it can get its hands on almost every electron, so it has collected 13million pieces of information from Pakistan in just one month (correct me if the figures are wrong).
And Pakistan currently stands as the second country attacked the most by cyber attackers, after IRAN which is at number one.

However, there are few ways by which Pakistani Users & even the users from around the world (apologies, to them as I did not mention them earlier) can save their information from the hands of the NSA. And the ways are simple:

1. Using Tor for encryption:
The tor is a browser that has proxy servers in place. It means, that when you use the internet using Tor browser, your searches are first passed through another computer placed in another part of the world and that makes it harder for the attackers get to you.
You can download the Tor browser from here:
More information about encryption is given on their website, kindly check it out.
OR read my previous post about using Tor

2. Use HTTPS secure connections:
You can use HTTPS secure connections on your own browser, if you have (Mozilla or Chrome) installed.
An extension that compels all connections to pass through HTTPS secure names (HTTPS Everywhere) can be downloaded here
For Mozilla Firefox:
For Google Chrome:

More tips for safe browsing will be updated if found. Till then, Allah Hafiz.

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