How sagging (pants below bottom) fashion was introduced?

Some say it was made in US prison by gay prisoners to tell the other inmates about the sexual arousel they have for them. Others say that the fashion was introduced by prisoners of US prisons as a revenge against the authorities showing that they disrespect them.

However, in reality the fashion was truly developed in American prisons. But the reason was not any of the above two. Instead the reason was the inmates in those days were not allowed belts. They were given loose clothes that won't fit them properly. So, the clothes when worn by the inmates, they hanged around loosely. This fashion was caught by rappers at that time and they started using it in their song videos.

Today, people use them as part of the pop culture and are inspired by them a lot. However, governments in different countries have tried to ban 'sagging' fashion as they say people are allowed to dress in their own way but the ban is imposed on showing body parts - It should be noted many teenagers show their buttocks intentionally while wearing loose pants). When people wear loose pants they (the pants) hang around below the waist, and bottom of many is visible to public. In American states, the ban of $25 is going to be imposed on anyone who wears pant three inches below waist level in public. This ban is for anyone who is above the age of 12 years.
So, What do you think of this ban?

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