War of the Dead - Review

War of the Dead is a new movie released recently by Media One entertainment. The movie had a gross budget of 1m Euro. 

The film is based on some real events(not all). Basically its a about the Anti Death drug, which as shown in the film being given to some russian soldiers by Nazis in Finland. Those soldiers after that drug became vampires and can only be killed by a bullet in the head.

The film starts with the american intervention in finland to battle against Russia, but accidentally soldiers from both the sides meet a different scenario. Most of the soldiers die by that unexpected attack but a bunch of them survive and in escaping they meet a Russian soldier - Samuel Vauramo (Kolya). Who helps them reach the radio station so that they can bombard all of the area.

In there journey to radio station they met a finni girl - Magdalena Górska - Dasha, who happens to be girl friend of Kolya. (Don't get so excited by finding a girl in war - she didn't last long).

Film can be said to be some what horror with the sound effects and all other special effects. The plot is strong, but a little mistake which in my point was the relation of that amulet and pentagon type gold structure - known as the key - which was shown in many places in the movie.  (It would be better if the writer's and director's had also provided a strong purpose to that amulet other than just being the key.
The ending was some what lame, as Kolya, who had survived the whole frenzy of vampire soldiers, suddenly falls to his death after slipping from a ladder. And Captain Niemi (Jouko Ahola) who as left in the middle of vampire soldiers escapes easily. 

Ahh, i shouldn't forget (he was an american soldier, he can escape from almost anyplace). Still, the film gives a view of some history to those who don't like reading rather watch it.

Out of 10
Music-No songs

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