Rowdy Rathore - review

Recently watched a new indian movie called Rowdy Rathore. The film has earned a rating of 6+ at IMDB till now and is said to be a hit in last two weeks at the box office.

Akshay Kumar, once again has shown his wonders of acting with the crisp of comedy, his counter part is Sonakshi Sinha, although i was surprised to hear, sonakshi sinha opposite him. As she is a bit too fat.

Well, the starting of the film till the intermission part is a bit too slow. And person can't really guess what the outcome will be, but i guess that is the good part.

Akshay Kumar has played a double role of a thief and a police man at the same time. No, don't start thinking yet. Both are totally different and are not shown opposite to each other.

A mafia gang of a village is after the police inspector ( Akshay Kumar) who in fighting them got brain tumor also he has a small daughter who accidentally founds herself with the thief (Akshay Kumar).

The thief a little surprised in the begining is all set to take care of that young daughter cause of the threat of police officer of Mumbai, but got engaged in the battle of mafia and police himself.......///

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