A Thousand Words - Review

"When you only have a thousand words left".
This is a new film by Eddie Murphy. Just like his other films it also has comedy in it but with some spirtual story. In the starting of the story Eddie Murphy is shown as Jack McCall a Marketing Agent who has a job to roll up all the top writers to get there books published by there firm.

For that purpose he visits Doctor Sinja a spirtual doctor who believes in inner peace and has a therapy center. Eddie, to get the proposal goes to the center and starts over acting. Dr Sinja recognises him that he is not here for the therapy. While having conversation with Dr Sinja at his center. Jack suddenly gets hurt by the stem of a tree. Dr tells Jack that he should start believing in spirtualism but Jack exaggerate it and left with the approval about publishing the book.

When he gets home and was talking to his wife the Earth shaked and a Tree errupts in the middle of the garden of there house. Jack seemed surprise in the beginning but then he thought by himself that it must be a present by Dr Sinja.

In the meantime Jack is told by his assistant that the book that just got by Dr Sinja is a 5 pages long book. 'The first and the last 5 pages are all, that the book have'. Jack in anger agains visit Dr Sinja to ask about the book but Sinja tells him that he was saying that he already has read the book than why he seems so surprised. Jack then asks about the tree, on which Sinja seemed surprised and went to Jack's home with him.

When they reach in front of the tree, half of the leaves of the tree had already shed. Jack starts to say something when leaves again started shedding. Sinja came to the conclusion that the tree's leaves fall only when Jack says something................

Later, Jack lost his job and his wife left him. And when he was about to die (only 3 leaves were left), Suddenly some thing happened to the tree........

I can tell the whole story here, but than what is the surprise left. After all Director and Producers have lot of expectations to people to buy there film and watch it with family. The film is fun to watch with comedy and spirtualism "inner peace".

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