Online Jobs Scam

These days, every person on earth mostly teens want to earn good, and with out working hard. But in there search for that they get across many online jobs who only use them as wrapper of a toffee or a chocolate and then throw them away.

I my self have used many sites, believing that i can earn some good amount to use as my pocket money, from sites like adbux, ad paste, pumma ads, etc etc. mostly must have got banned by now.

In doing all that i didn;t just wasted my on time but also wasted the use of internet and electricity on such use less activities.

The Propaganda:

These sites show the users(those who are noobs) that they can earn big time. But what the user is doing is just being a helping hand in making these sites achieve there targets.

They will show some ads or forums, as assignments with amounts, so that user will think they will make money soon by starting to click those ads or after filling those forms.

The problem doesnt start here, users click the ads for about 1 min or 30 sec period after that there account got credited, but whats the use of all that credit when the pay out level for a single user is above 100$, which is not easy to achieve

As most users don't get that far after getting fed up by that boring work, or most of the times if they are dedicated, they don't get potential and worthy ads which can help them get to the payout level.

And in the end they too leave these sites, but who got all the profit, the site owners, they just used these users and made some big money for themselves, these sites are many, and can be found any where.

So i will advice you guys to be aware of such type of fraud activities, in the end you wont get any thing or if you do, then found yourself lucky.

One more thing don't try to report them as well, as there is not a solid reason you have got regarding the issue.
Online Jobs Scam

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