These 5 Tips Can Help You Save Money Shopping Online in Pakistan

A few days ago I was looking for a low cost smartphone. The smartphone was available at Daraz, Kaymu but I was not able to distinguish if the mobile phone available on those websites was in lowest price.

So, I spent a good amount of time searching for it's lowest price on various online stores. While, I was doing that I came across another website provided mobile phone price comparison. I visited the website and searched the price and to my surprise the website provided prices from a dozen stores atleast. Some of the stores that I had not even visited had I not tried this website.
And by using it I was able to save almost 5 thousand rupees.

Coming back to the blogpost, I have made a list that allows users to save money when they shop online. The list includes:

1 - Compare product prices

It has become essential to compare prices when you shop online because most of the online shopping stores have sky-high prices that are meaningless. And we customers, do not think a second time and buy costly product, just to regret it later.You can use priceblaze, it had some pretty good inventory when I visited it last time.

2. Ask yourself: Should I buy it online?

If you can get it from a local shop, go for that. You cannot always buy products online as they are mostly of low quality. A good thing is to visit the local shops and bargain with them. This way you will also be able to know the quality of products first handed.

3. Make a rule: Not to buy products more than 5k online

See, you can bear 5k loss incase the product is not of quality or there is some other issue with it.But, bearing a loss of more than 5k will hurt you pretty hard. So, make it a rule.

4. Read reviews:

Reviews are available on blogs, forums, news websites, comments and social media. Try to know if the online store is reliable, sells quality products and so on. This way you will be able to make an aware decision.

5. Search its ratings on Facebook:

Use facebook to search for that store. Now check what users are saying in comments about the shopping store. Message the representative once to test if they answer timely. Also ask them what is the replacement process, or questions related to moneyback guarantee.

This is it. I have started to follow these tips and I think these can help you make a better purchasing decision next time.

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