Wait – It’s a con!

Many a times, we often get into cons and end up losing money as well as our precious time. Today I will be talking about this topic with examples of one of the websites that are prevailing in PAKISTAN.

These websites have a strategy that they use to scam. They will target the young people with the right amount of marketing. In my own case, they gave the ad in the Jang newspaper, so I thought they were authentic. But their strategy was so well planned that they made me believe in it instantly. And when I asked them a lot of questions they just change the employ who was talking with me (a man with big tummy).

This company was doing business under the name ‘Spectrum Online Jobs’ in PAKISTAN. Their ad came in the Jang newspaper that they were providing home based jobs to students. I contacted them, but on contacting them they said that they are charging a onetime membership fee, after which you will be able make money by form filling jobs.

Tip 1: Remember, never, ever go for those jobs which ask for money - membership fee. They are a scam.

But as I was a curious one, I went to their office and asked a few more questions, they said that there are different packages. One is around 3000, second is 5000 and third is 7000 rupees. You will be able to earn 10000 to 3000 rupees, 12000rs in investment of 5000 and so on.

Tip 2: Remember, do not sign up for any packages – if you want to avoid scams.

As I said above about my curiosity and craziness, I signed up for the 3000 Rs package (thank God it was the least value I invested).

Then they called me, first for a basic training session of three days (but they wrapped it all up in just two days).

They gave me an account, a classified ad list – of which I will tell below. And a robo form, with a target to achieve was of 2800 ads posting in one month.

Now the real scam starts...
I was very happy that I will earn, but when I started opening those websites which were on the list of classified ads. Every second site was a fake, that is, its domain was sold out (expired). They were 800 sites in total, and due to being fake, I was left with 300 sites only. I searched on the internet for more classified sites, and successfully I got hang of some sites but they were not much to finish my posting job.

There were total of, two different assignments of 15days each. And I had to submit the assignment at the end of the month. But as the websites were not working, I was left with no option but to call them. I called them, but they instead of helping me (as a member of Spectrum Online Jobs) they said that I was to figure that out myself, because the sites were working when they gave me (a clear lie, on my part).

And as per their policy, I was not allowed to ask for money back because I had signed the form (they hit the jackpot). Also, the only way was to fulfill the assignment and to hope for the best outcome.

Some of the assignment policies were:
  1. I cannot post one classified ad on a website, two times.
  2. The website for the ad should be unique if it's not unique it will not be counted.
  3. Only Cgi websites were allowed in some ads.

Although, I failed, but the work done by me was pricier than what they were rewarding me, on fulfilling the job.

In the end, I submitted the job but payment was rejected, the reason was that I had used duplicated posting and hence I am not eligible to receive the payment. My account was closed.

By this lesson, I would like to tell all those who are reading this post that please, please, do not go for scammed sites. Most importantly those, which you doubt might be a scam.
Because a thing that looks too good to be true, probably is too good to be true.

P.S: Never sign up for a job providing sites that ask for a membership fee.

Black listed site: www.spectrumsonlinejobs.com is not online anymore and probably those scammers left this site due to many complaints against them. But they got away with the money earned by hard work of different children and young people. Beware; there are many more out there hunting for their next target. And it's up to you how successfully you avoid them.

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