Facebook then Apple.... Who's next, Google!

Recently, some major company computers were hacked by anonymous groups. Although, we keep hearing that so and so governmental company got hacked and related news. But the news of Private Internet giants getting hacked, is turning quite surprising.

In January, Facebook reported that 100's of its computers were hacked when its employees visited a malicious website accidentally. And now on February 20th Apple reported to CNN that some of its computers were hacked when the employees visited a developer website.

The news is quite surprising but as the American government recently exposed the truth that the attacks on governmental websites were coming from Chines PLA (people's liberation Army). And the signals that were intercepted, were from an isolated building in CHina.

Lets say its just my own opinion, but aren't all these attacks related and in some way influencing the 'Clash of Civilizations' theory by SP Huntington?

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