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Sites that pay for writingThese days, I am searching for some of the new sites which pay writers to write. Because of some reason like, fewer jobs are available. Secondly, those who are currently studying and don’t have time to go and do a full time or part time job (part time jobs pay very less) so earning a little in dollars would be a great idea.
Well, keeping all the discussion aside, I will just come to the topic.

Some of the sites which I think are worthy of posting about are:

Constant Content:

Those who are very good in writing and have a steady knowledge of English (grammar and composition) are welcome here. They will first take a test of grammar, (be sure to get at least 4/5) I scored 3/5 and was labeled ineligible. After that they will take a test of the written article. And if they like your work they will accept you and you can get different article jobs and write on them. The pay scale is given in their FAQ so visit that and only then apply.

Current Content: 

This is same like Constant Content, although people who score 3/5 are also eligible here. So, I got in myself and currently waiting for my test article, that I submitted, to get accepted. They usually focus on SEO articles for corporate websites. So, read a little about SEO writing and keep keywords in the important places. And you will start generating a steady income if all goes well.


Helium is a new site, I registered there yesterday. According to their site, they pay for the revenue generated by our articles. That is from the traffic to the article. The revenue is currently partitioned at 50% to you and 50% of the company. So, check it out and see if that works. Although they are pretty much a big site and people claim they pay.

Click Worker:

Like, M-Turk of Amazon or Micro Worker sites, if you have used them then you will know. Otherwise those who are new to these sites, Click worker is a pay for work site. You will be given different jobs and if you fulfill them in the right way you will be blessed.
The site pays only after you reach 10$, although most of their work is dependent on article writing, proofreading and searching for addresses on the internet.

Last but not the least,

Workers on board

It’s a website featuring ways to earn money by writing online, you can also check that for the new jobs currently available.
Earn online
All the sites above pay by PayPal, so those who don’t live in Europe or USA should have a PayPal account first.

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