What to do if you get low percentage in Intermediate?

It has happened many times I came across people who asked me what to do if you get low percentage in Intermediate?According to my point of view even if you get low percentage in intermediate, you still can have a bright future. 

All you need to do is to have a clear idea in your mind what you want to become and be wise in making decision and choosing a field for studies .Then apply inuniversities that have low merit. Firstly see what your interests are and what your skills are. I always advise people that go for the field that you find appealing and interesting to work in. Moreover, figure out and compare scope, earning and future of different fields. 

At the end of the day earning matters a lot no matter what field you opt.Do not get in to the field you are not interested in and the field where you cannot earn much.But before taking any decision about what to do if you get low percentage in Intermediate? 

Seek advice from your parents or elders.Your will give you better advise as they are your parents and they knowyour skills and abilities. If you get low percentage in intermediate you can choose computer science, media studies and business studies.

There are many universities in Pakistan which have low merit.
Here is the list of universities in Pakistan which has low merit
  • ·         University of Management and technology Lahore
  • ·         University of central Punjab Lahore
  • ·         Muhammad Ali Jinnah University.
  • ·         Imperial College of Business studies Lahore
  • ·         Riphah International University
  • ·         Wah Engineering college  taxila
  • ·         HITEC University
  • ·         HamdardUniversity Islamabad

That was all about What to do if you get low percentage in Intermediate? Hope you find this useful.

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