Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) - Review

The second part of Ghost Rider so far is more thrilling than the first one. After all Nicolas Cage has done a good job as the Angel on Justice. I saw the film in urdu dubbing as the english version was not available on my intranet.

The film starts with some Priests protecting a boy called Danny (later known son of Devil). When some men attacked to get him. But his mother escapes with the boy.

Later a guy Moreau comes to a deserted factory while finding Ghost Rider so that he can help the boy and his mother and stops the prophecy of Devil, with a deal that after they are saved Johnny Blaze will be able to get rid off Ghost Rider.

I won't tell the whole story here, that how Ghost rider gets his powers back again and throws Devil in the darkest pits of hell.

The film is shooted in Europe and Turkey, with a little references from religious books and Bible (i guess). The end or the prophecy part reminds me of the real prophecy of God.

After all directors have done justice with the film with all special effects, especially that blue fire.(loved it)

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